Mission, Vision, and Values

The African [SOUP]‘s mission is to nourish Uganda’s future leaders through education, compassionate care, and access to leadership growth opportunities. Through measurements and evaluations, the African [SOUP] will discover and share best educational practices by incorporating microfinance, healthcare, and sustainability initiatives into learning, which in turn will challenge students to become critical, creative and ethical thinkers. This will lead us to accomplish our vision – to become the premier rural educational institution in Uganda.


Our Work

The [SOUP] provides not only food,medical care, and shelter, but we strive for excellence through high quality education and opportunities for leadership development and entrepreneurial training.


In 2009, Berry College student Brin Enterkin traveled to Kampala, Uganda to spend her summer teaching microfinance, believing that she could help revolutionize micro-lending from the ground up. Humbled by paper ledgers and contracting malaria two weeks into her stay, she began to wonder about her future in Africa. Her host, Michael Kaidhiwa, told her that what she was experiencing wasn’t the “real” Africa. He took her to the village where he grew up – Nabikabala, Namatumba District, Eastern Uganda.

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  • Sadam Muguga
  • Yoko Magala
  • Recheal Mbwaali


Sadam Muguga is eleven years old and in the primary one classroom.  He enjoys playing football and his favorite color is black.  Sadam’s favorite subject is English and he would like to be a pilot when he grows up.

Yoko copy

Yoko Magala is eight years old and in the primary one classroom.  He enjoys playing football and his favorite color is yellow.  Yoko’s favorite subjects are literacy 1 & 2 and he would like to be a guard when he grows up.


Recheal Mbwaali is seven years old and in the primary one classroom.  She enjoys playing netball and her favorite color is blue.  Recheal’s favorite subject is math and she would like to be a doctor when she grows up.

“In my work as a biomedical scientist, studying infectious diseases in underdeveloped countries, my motto is “There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy child.” The [SOUP] is doing much to foster that beauty by providing good nutrition, health care, and education for many children in Uganda.”

Dr. Bruce Conn